Wholeness & Healing

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We all experience the need to be loved, forgiven and healed. Giving and receiving are very much part of our Christian fellowship – we need one another.

Healing, of course, is not merely physical, it can happen on a social, emotional, spiritual or psychological level.

It could be a change in attitude or an ability to work at the restoration of a broken relationship. It could mean we are given the help we need to get through a particularly traumatic time or illness. Groups and communities too can experience healing together.

Our Wholeness and Healing Services usually take place on the 4th Sunday of every month at 5.30pm. This is a peaceful, reflective service and everyone is welcome.

We are given the opportunity to seek wholeness in our lives and to pray for ourselves and for others. Anointing and the Laying on of hands with prayer are offered and any prayer requests we have received are placed on the altar.