Who’s Who



Revd. Greg Smith: our new Rector

It’s been several weeks since the interviews were held for our new Rector. At last, we are allowed to tell you that Revd. Greg Smith was chosen for the post, that he has accepted and that all the various formalities have been concluded successfully.

Greg comes to us from the parish of St. Andrew’s Eastern Green, on the outskirts of Coventry, where he has been Vicar for some years. As well as tending to a growing flock in a busy area, Greg is Area Dean and has helped train several curates. This experience will come in useful as Greg takes on the issues and challenges of the benefices of St. George and the Stiperstones Group.

Greg is a little younger than many of us at St. George’s and has the energy and drive to make our church thrive for the benefit of our community. He comes well-recommended – and he said himself that he had a strong calling to apply for the post.

The plan is for Greg and his wife Fran to stay where they until after Christmas and then come to our part of Shropshire by early February, when
he is formally installed as Rector. Then we will get to know each other….and once he has “his feet under the desk”, Greg will be looking to take us forward. It’s been too long since we’ve had a Rector at St. George’s – so 2021 should be an exciting year!

Until then we just have to be patient. The St. George’s Team of retired Ministers and Lay people are working hard to ensure that Advent and Christmas will be as near “business as usual” as we can make it. In these times of Covid-19 worries, it’s more important than ever that we give the Christmas message to our community.

Retired Clergy

Reverend Christopher Cooke

I had a ministry of thirty one years all in the Salop Archdeaconry of the Lichfield Diocese. I served in Telford New Town as a Curate, in twelve village parishes as a Rector and then Team Rector and in a small town (one of the ‘larger’ churches of Salop) together with a small village as Rector. I had to retire on health grounds in 2013, when I was 59, because of psoriatic (rheumatoid) arthritis. Since then, I have helped a little with occasional services in the Deanery and leading study courses etc. I enjoy reading and especially the contemporary novel

Other Church Officers

Church Warden – Allen Marsden

When we moved to Pontesbury in 2007, our neighbours very kindly introduced Margaret and me to St. George’s church. We received a warm welcome which soon helped us feel part of the community. I became a regular worshipper. Now, as Assistant Churchwarden, I do what I can to support the Churchwardens and the Ministry team. For me, a high priority is to ensure that regulars and visitors are made to feel welcome and valued at St. George’s. I am also keen to see this extended to all who live in the Pontesbury area, young and old, so that they may find God in their everyday lives and see St. George’s church as more than just a lovely building.

Church Warden Mary Worral (Order of St Ethelbert)
Also Friday Club and Youth Ministry

I have worked and worshipped at St George’s Church for a long time. I am now in my 74th year.
I was previously a church warden here for six years. This was a very enjoyable time, it was a great honour to serve the people and God within such a lovely church.

I have worked with children and young people for most of the last forty years. I have been a leader with the Friday Club, a group for young people aged 5 onwards. We used to say primary school age. This has been very rewarding work, to be able to share the love of God with these young people and to guide them to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We have shared so many happy times.
I was also part of a youth group for quite some time.

I have been a member of the Mothers union for over forty years too. A lot of the work among the congregation and the wider community could be classed as work for this group.

I am a member of the L M D G . This is the Local Ministry Group for the church. It is good to be able to plan services for worship, to be able to plan and start new ideas for the ministry of the church.

It was a real honour to receive an award from the Diocese for the years of work completed. I was really humbled to receive this, when I have simply been doing my ministry work. The award is that of St. Ethelburt. I wear this award with pride.

I have been an active member of the church whenever we have held large functions involving the village community. I have worked to hold the Festival of Trees and Cribs. This has now been successful for 21 years, I have organized Exhibitions and sales of Art. Both these events together with fetes and other minor events are part of the wider community and this is so good.
May God give me strength and health to continue my ministry here at St. George ’s Church.

Treasurer – Gerald Worral
Secretary to PCC & Electoral Roll Officer – Val Butterworth

I have been a member of St. George’s congregation for around 45 years, having been greatly involved with choir activities but also having worked with children’s groups through Sunday activities, Holiday Clubs and workshops. My main activity with young people has been as a founding member of Little Dragons Under Fives Group which has been in existence since 2006 and which regularly caters for 30+ toddlers and their Carers.

As Secretary to the PCC I attend Meetings of the Standing Committee and assemble the Agenda for future PCC Ordinary and Special Meetings, issuing the said Agenda and arrangements for meetings to members of the PCC; recording the Minutes at all meetings of the PCC and issuing these to Members; keeping members informed of various aspects of Diocesan procedures.

Early in the year I gather information from the various church bodies towards the compilation of the Report for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM), including information about St. George’s Church – the property and its finances, its personnel and the general life of the church and its various organisations.

As Electoral Roll Officer I am responsible for holding and keeping up to date the list of people registered on the Electoral Roll which is revised annually, the Revised Roll coming into effect on the date of the APCM.
Those named on the Electoral Roll are eligible to hold Office in St. George’s Church.
Every six years a New Roll is prepared. St. George’s New Roll is due to be prepared in 2019.