Weekly Newsletter for the 29th August 2021

Dear friends

I had a dream. In my dream, Richard Baker (do you remember the BBC newsreader from the 70s?) called me and offered me a job as a BBC consultant. I wasn’t very interested. It wasn’t a job that excited me, and I couldn’t see what gifts or experience I would have to offer.

However, it couldn’t hurt to ask the question: “what sort of money are we talking about”? Richard responded, “up to £250,000”. The conversation ended there, but the next thing I knew I was addressing the St George’s congregation, saying “I know I’ve only been here six months, but the Lord has called me on”. Oh dear! I really do hope I’m not quite that superficial in real life!

Nevertheless, it’s an uncomfortable reminder that all too often we decide what we want to do and then ask God to bless us retrospectively: we decide what suits us and then persuade ourselves that God must be in it. The problem with this approach is not so much that it shows us up as vain and self-serving but that it exposes us to making poor choices. From the Garden of Eden onwards, the Bible confronts us with the spiritual reality that not everything that looks attractive and shiny is good for us. So, the next time an ancient newsreader offers you a plum job for lots of money, make sure you pray before saying yes.

Group Service

This Sunday Aug 29th, there will be a service for the whole family to come together at Holy Trinity Minsterley at 10.30. The service is being led by Greg (Carolyn is self-isolating in readiness for a cataract op), with Pam preaching. We are going to take in the opportunity to swear in all the churchwardens in the group. It will therefore be a special occasion in more than one respect. Please do join us if you can.

Special services

Bishop Richard will be visiting Holy Trinity Minsterley on Sunday Sept 5th for the 10.30 service in order to dedicate the refurbished building. This service has been delayed from the Spring, but will still be very special. Also, on September 19th, we will be hosting joint services with the Methodists and Congregationalists at 10.30 at both Minsterley and Pontesbury. Please do join us if you can in order that we may celebrate that we are one church in the eyes of God.


The Icthus home group is going to relaunch next month. The group, which looks at the following Sunday’s bible readings and discusses them, is open to anyone from any of the six churches in the family. It meets fortnightly on Monday afternoons from 2.30-4 p.m. commencing 6th September. The venue changes from week to week, so please contact Liz Jackson at jackson.liz8315@gmail.com to find out more.

Sponsored Walk

Takes place on Saturday Sept 18th. The projected timetable will be republished nearer the time, but we have added one call to our route, and will now be visiting Lord’s Hill Chapel at around 10.45 where we will be graciously welcomed by our Baptist friends. Anyone is welcome to join us for one or more stages of the walk. If you are able to help with transport for part of the day, do get in touch. Operations Manager for the day is Paul Chylinski whose number is 07962 028625. If you call or text him, he will advise you as to whether we are in front or behind schedule. We are raising funds for local churches as well as the Shropshire Historic Churches Trust. Stephen Winwood has kindly agreed to provide administrative support and sponsor forms are available from him.


There will be an online Alpha course for the Deanery running on Tuesday evenings commencing Tuesday 21st Sept. There will also be an in-person course at Yockleton on Tuesday lunchtimes. Please contact Mark Hackney at mark.hackney@hereford.anglican.org if you would like to join one of these courses or want to find out more.

Minsterley Show

Many thanks to all those helped out at the Minsterley show either in the refreshments tent or the Deanery tent. The refreshments tent raised £754 for HTM funds. Thanks also to those who came along to say hello.


We offer our prayers for Colin Edwards who has been in hospital this week and is now recovering and for Jean Ditchfield, recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Covid restrictions

In light of the ongoing prevalence of Covid 19, we will continue for the time being to request worshippers to wear masks, refrain from physical contact during the peace and receive only the bread at communion.

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