Walk to Bethlehem

Having completely travelled both ways, your webmaster is exhausted with the geography involved, so time to relax, and get ready to take part in the Christmas Tree Trail and Light Up The Church schemes.

I will leave this page on the site for a while, but the scheme is complete so very well done to all who took part.

A Walk to Bethlehem Bethlehem and Back
This year there will be no ‘Tree and Crib Festival’ at St. George’s Church. Over the last twenty plus years, this festival has brought many people into the church, and helped them to feel the real spirit of Christmas.

We are inviting everyone in Pontesbury village to join a virtual walk to Bethlehem and back. (Update: we have already got there, so need to return – keep going). All money raised will be shared as always with The Severn Hospice, who, like the church, are unable to have the usual fund raising events to continue serving the community.

Please join this walk, and help us to raise money.

To complete the walk, requires 6 000 000 steps, yes, 6 million. (Update: 12,000,000). Mary and Joseph walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem, considerably less, but that would still have been a big struggle. We cannot hope to get there on our own, but if the whole community join together, we can easily reach the destination.

St. George’s church will have a small stable outside the church this year, to signify our goal. To join the walk, download a sponsor sheet, then count your steps taken until Christmas Eve. All steps registered with the church will be added together and hopefully we will reach Bethlehem in time for Christmas Day. You can register your steps, daily, weekly, or whenever you like, by email to St George’s website:- webmaster@st-george.org.uk

If your steps are registered on the web our journey will be tracked on a map. Click the map for the real thing, so you can zoom in to see a more detailed route.

We believe that once around the outer roads of the village is approximately 2000 steps. Quite a few people do this once, some twice a day as daily exercise for themselves or the dog. To record your steps you may use pencil and paper, a pedometer, or an app on your smart phone. There are plenty of ‘apps’ for step counting steps, your webmaster uses Android ‘Step Tracker’, which is free and seems to work well, and iPhone users can use the inbuilt Health App, but you use whatever suits you.

Information and sponsor forms may be collected from this church web page or from within the porch at 15, Manor Park. You may also pay on the web ‘Donate’ page (use Bethlehem and your Name in the comments section when completing Paypal), or pay by Card Machine with Gerald Worrall, at the same address..

Some people may just prefer to give a donation for Christmas. The church and The Hospice will be just as grateful.
Please do think about joining in.

Sunday 22nd November: We have now well into the long march back home. The combined total of steps on your Webmaster’s return tally (2356 miles) puts us at Wetzlar near Frankfurt in Germany. To move us along, please forward your totals to webmaster@st-george.org.uk. Steps, miles daily or weekly, so long as you make it clear. N.B. We have completed just about 11 million steps.