St George’s Blog

This is a message for all the villagers in Pontesbury.

We thought that we’d open up the church website to comments, stories and events within the village during this lock-down period, and if it works well, then we might even keep it in a different form after that nasty little microbe has gone.

So what are we looking for? How about articles on Home Schooling? How’s that turning out? You can share ideas across this blog. We could have a photo a day, a cartoon a day, a thought for the day, a prayer for the day, and so on, the possibilities are endless. We can add pictures too.

Here are the rules.

  • Remember where you are, so moderate language please.
  • You must sign in with a genuine email address – this will not be published, but you can use any name you wish. We’d prefer real names, but understand when it is not possible.
  • When commenting, your first comment will be moderated, thereafter you should get straight in.
  • Any article that you wish to publish as a full post should be addressed to and the Webmaster retains the right to refuse or ask for edits.
  • That’s all, but we could add more in the light of experience

Candles in the window

From Val B

Those of you who use ‘Facebook‘ may have seen my candle.

This is my one

Each day I receive up to 40 ‘likes’ and I am presuming that those who respond have noticed that I change the text each day – e.g. Let your light shine forth! – The light of the world! – This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!. The responses come from many places in the world and are from Christian, Muslims and some without a faith, illustrating that many, of whatever persuasion (or none), are seeking comfort and hope in the light of the world.

I managed to upload Sheila and Roy’s photograph on Sunday showing the candle to the forefront of St. George’s in the early evening light. You can see it below.

Roy and Sheila’s candle

Many of you have indicated that you are also lighting candles in your windows at 7:00pm and it is heart-warming to think of so many candles shining out into our struggling world; accompanied today by a prayer sent by Kathryn Darby, who received it from a friend in Belfast.

Dear Lord, I pray that You will lead us all safely by the hand through this dark tunnel and out into the sunshine of renewed life. Amen.

And this one from Carolyn

We ask for God’s blessing on each one of us and on those whom we love.

A walk through the churchyard

I have been walking through the churchyard, down Hall Bank and back home to keep a bit active during this problematic time – it is almost one mile.

Yesterday I took my earphones and listened to some randomised music.

As I passed the church the next item started, “For Unto Us a Child is Born” trying to remember the music and sing along (there was no-one about to hear my attempts) put a bounce into my step.

Ed: Here it is: Enjoy!

Can we buy from the Pub?

Here’s a thought. There must be some kind of shelf life or use by date, for the beer in our pubs, and it seems to me to be a waste of good beer and a loss for our publicans. Is there a way in which the beer and cider can be bottled or provided so that we can buy it for use at home?

My nearest local is the Horseshoes, and I know that Theresa and Jeff have a very nice Merlot, and I’d be happy to take a case of that off their hands. Pay by BACS, or post a cheque. And I’d take some beer and cider, if it is bottled or in usable cask. I bet there others too, who would do so. In a small way it might help their income too. I think there are volunteers who would deliver it to those of us in isolation.

These are businesses in the village which we ought not to lose.

This post can also be an offer to all our local businesses, that you can use this site to advertise your services within the government’s constraints.