September 2022

From the Dragons’ Den

When, in early days of Little Dragons, I welcomed each child by name at Storytime, I didn’t realise then that, like the Old Man of the Sea, I would be at times encumbered by quite a heavy load. In early days we used to put name badges on each Little Dragon as they arrived, but sticky labels and very young children’s exploring hands don’t always work well together.

Our first week back after the recent summer break was easy; a couple of new names to learn and all went well.  Second week in, we had 8 new Little Dragons; – all very young, which, at times, makes it hard to distinguish one from another.  Eight newbies – so a list was made in haste – J…jumper with stars; G – pink cardigan, L – curly hair; M – Mum has certain colour of hair in certain style; and so on.  Absolutely foolproof!

Erm!!  Absolutely foolproof except when G’s Mum takes the cardigan off her little one; M’s Mum gives the baby to someone else to hold………………… and so it goes.

I must have been well-favoured on that occasion as I managed, following much concentrated effort, to put the correct name to the correct child.  Someone above was certainly watching over me.

And so it is in life.  When things seem difficult and hard to manage, we often find that source of strength or inspiration which helps us to cope, both when it matters and when it doesn’t matter too much.

I have come to the conclusion that – when I can no longer remember the names, then that will be the time to give up and call it a day.  Not yet though!

Joy to everyone, from Val and from we three  

George     Uncle Sam  and Idris.

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