September 2020

From the Dragons’ Den

September already and still uncertainty about if, when and how we will continue to meet at Little Dragons. We await further advice and instruction from the Diocese of Hereford.

In the meantime:  a pinch of doggerel.

George, Sam and Idris, feel all alone

Here in the cupboard without laptop or phone.

Where are our friends? Dragons big or small?

No sign of anyone, no one at all!

If you are passing, please open our door.

Our basket awaits you, there on the floor.

We are so lonely and hope you will peep

Into our dwelling, though we might be asleep!

And even if sleeping, we will know you have been

To visit the dragons, alone and unclean!

For Val hasn’t bathed us to be ready to share

With all Little Dragons the toys waiting there.

So, please, please remember, as you’re passing by

Thinking and wondering, as well you might!

As you perhaps light a candle or say a small prayer;

Remember three dragons, awaiting you there.

Best wishes from we three:  – George     Uncle Sam   and Idris.

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