September 2019

  From the Dragons’ Den

September already and I realise that we have lived here in Pontesbury, in the same house, for almost fifty years.  We moved here on 31st August 1970 and we truly feel that it is one of the best things we have ever done.  We still have many connections with our Lancashire (Greater Manchester now) roots, but our life here has been so blessed and we love it still.

Life’s experiences make you the person you are and I like to think that what we absorb in early years affects our way of life, our choices, our successes and our failures although we can’t always trace or remember the path we have followed.

Sometimes, though, there is a flash of memory that leaps into the mind and one realises where and when a particular aspect of one’s character came from and how it was fed and nurtured. Memories: – some happy, some perhaps less so, but nonetheless, happenings that shaped the people we have become.

So, it is with our Little Dragons.  I always hope that their experience as they play, listen, share and grow at our group will leave them with happy flashes of memory when they are adults, even when they are perhaps pensioners.  (Who invented that word? – quite depressing!)

I hope that the beginnings of learning to share, helping to tidy things away, sitting quietly to listen and, very importantly, to enjoy singing lustily, will help to shape the lives and the happy memories for these little people who come along to each session. 

They will, no doubt, forget all about us, the leaders, but may remember some of the things we did and may be shaped somewhat by the good things that we shared.

May their memories be happy ones.

Every good wish, Val Butterworth

P.S.     Best wishes, George,     Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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