September 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

September already.  When did time start to go so fast?  Long gone are the days for some of us when we could dream, dream again and again, before making absolute plans; there was always time to reconsider, rethink, abandon the immediate and dream yet again.

Who can remember and relive in the mind the long days of summer – when the sun always shone, when it never rained; when the beach at Blackpool or Barmouth or Bridlington or Bournemouth was crowded with fantastically constructed sandcastles and the waves were always just the correct depth/height/strength for paddling? Those were the days indeed.

So, how will our Little Dragons remember the hazy days of summer?  Will their memories in the distant future recall sitting in the back of a hot car (Are we there yet?), queuing in a hot airport (Can I sit by the window?), or simply playing games on the tablet?  Or will they also remember with joy, the beaches, as above, time spent with people who loved them who they loved in return, on days that lasted forever.

Sometimes, as the speed of each day, week, month, year gallops faster and faster, it is hard to recall the distant days when the most difficult thing in life may have appeared to be, “What are we having for tea?” or “How shall I spend my sweet coupons?” (Now that is really a long time ago yet real enough for some of us.)

The recollections of our Little Dragons will be very, very different from ours and will, no doubt, be beyond our wildest imaginings.  Let us hope that their lives will provide them with golden memories of happy times.

Best wishes, Val Butterworth


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