September 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

I wonder who remembers the poem, Pippa Passes, by Robert Browning.  When I was a child I loved this verse, especially the last two lines: –

“God’s in His Heaven, All’s right with the world.”

From a very young age I felt in my heart that this was true.  My Dad was away somewhere, involved in something called ‘The War!’; we didn’t have much money and food was scarce – where were all those things called biscuits that I loved which appeared to have disappeared, to be non-existent? Yet, in that time of uncertainty and some fear, I was sure that as long as God was in His Heaven, then we would be OK.

Currently, as we look around our world, reading and watching the news of happenings that we find hard to understand, we are blessed here in our part of the world by the people around us who care.

It is interesting to watch our Little Dragons each week.  They are too young to worry about whether someone has more, or less, than they have.  They don’t mind whether they sit on the green cushion or the red cushion.  They may, as their age increases by weeks, or months, decide that a purple bowl has much more to offer than a yellow or a blue bowl, but usually they don’t notice that the next LD may have received 5 raisins compared to his/her four, or that he/she has one more piece of banana in their bowl.  Naturally, as they mature a little, they may, as we have mentioned in other journal entries, develop an awareness concerning the colour or size of the blue bike compared with the green and yellow bike, or between the fire engine with a ladder versus the one without, but that is a normal occurrence.

For the majority of our Little Dragons, ‘All’s right with the world!’ for much of the time.  For some, at times, it is less so and we, as Senior Dragons, do our best to offer support and love as required.  In addition, there are times when a quiet word, a big hug and the suggestion of a cup of coffee can turn the day around for a Carer who is finding life a bit tough.  The same goes for Senior Dragons who also need the smile, the hug and maybe several cups of coffee when the world doesn’t feel alright.

There isn’t always a lot that we can do in the wider world.  We can support through giving to charity and by volunteering help where and when applicable but, at times, we feel very helpless on hearing of the plight of others.

However, we can do a huge amount here in our own community.

As Little Dragons Play, Learn and Grow together, so can we, and we can play our part in showing that ‘God is in His Heaven. All’s right with the world’, here in Pontesbury as we share our love, energy and prayers with those in need.

Every good wish, Val Butterworth


The Parish Safeguarding Officer is June Cribb 07947 482066. The Diocesan Officer is Carl Steventon 07598817717

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