September 2014

From the Dragons’ Den

I spent time recently de-scaling a showerhead.  What a pleasurable job that is – as is the same task with kettles, irons and any other implement or tool that builds up lime scale.  We are fortunate to have various products on the market which make this task easier than it was in times past – although what effect these products may be having on our physical  bodies and the functions thereof are perhaps a topic for another time.

After several applications, a bit of elbow-grease and lots of patience, the shower head was resplendent in its seeming newness, gleaming and waiting to be used, ready to surprise the unsuspecting user with its new-found powerful efficiency and an apparent return to its original pristine condition.

New Little Dragons could be said to be in pristine condition!  They shyly enter our portals and are often amazed by all they see before them – shiny toys, things to stick or paint, lots of space to fill; all supported with an aura of awe and wonder at the newness of things.

At what point in our lives do we cease to be full of amazement or awe at the world around us; at what point do we lose the sense of newness, of uniqueness? Some never lose the capacity to have an awareness of the surrounding wonder and retain a readiness to enjoy this wonderful world in which we live.  Some lose it very early, for all sorts of reasons, and wonder why life seems dull and uneventful!

Obviously, we are affected by the way life treats us, by the circumstances which govern our health, our wealth, our families and friendships.  There are times, though, when we can help ourselves.  We can look after our health by eating wisely and exercising as much as we are able; we can use our wealth sensibly; we can show care for our families, friends and others in many ways which cost little more than a smile or a little time.  All these can add up to the addition of a glow to our persona; an air of friendliness to others, a smiling face rather than a frown – and, hopefully as our eyes perhaps become ‘de-scaled’, the feeling that this is indeed a wonderful world.

Val Butterworth              green_dragon_s


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