September 2013

green_dragon_s       From the Dragon’s Den                

George and Sam writing:  Val is still (hopefully) wielding a paint brush so we have decided to sneak in a quick update on the excitements of life in and around the Little Dragon cupboard.

At the end of July, we were placed, very tidily, into our basket as Little Dragons broke up for the usual summer holiday.  We settled down for a nice, quiet time, preparing to have a few chats with Idris and his friend Scooby, who have somehow managed to find their way into our basket.  This is fine except that Idris lapses into Welsh now and again and Scooby sings ‘Love is a burning thing!’ at every opportunity. He says that someone called Jonny Cash used to sing it but he could be making it up as he goes along.

A few days into our holiday we realised that our church was full of noise – singing and chattering.  We remembered that the children’s Holiday Club was taking place and we enjoyed watching all the activity through the space at the top of the door and listening to the children’s enjoyment.  They were doing something about space and learning lots about what goes on there and what scientists have found out; and they heard lots of stories about a man called Daniel and his friends who had really odd names – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  Their lives changed so much that they could have been on a different planet and that’s where the connection was – or so we heard someone say.  Anyway, it all seemed to be great fun and we learned some new songs all about ‘Journeying Through Space and Time!’  and ‘Living God’s Way!’   The children all seemed to be having a wonderful time.  We noticed that we knew most of the adults who were helping.  We think that they all looked thinner by the end of the week.  We can’t imagine why – although they did seem to be doing a lot of exercising one way or another.  Anyway, they were still smiling by the time the last day came, so they must have enjoyed it as well.

We heard a rumour the other day that the Big Dragons are coming to tidy us up very shortly and get us ready for the new term.  So, we had better keep our heads down and look our usual innocent selves.

Keep smiling!   George and Sam                 green_dragon_s


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