Rector’s Newsletter for 27th June 2021

Dear friends

I tend to compose these weekly newsletters with as much speed as I can while trying to remain comprehensible (I’m sure you can tell!) I do this on the basis that if anything is unclear or seems controversial, you will contact me to seek clarification. In my last message to you, I had intended to start a conversation about the workability of spending Thursdays in my dining room in Wales as opposed to my study in Pontesbury. It seems I was successful in starting a conversation, but it turns out some people had the conversation about me rather than with me. Therefore, forgive me if I write more fully by way of clarification.

First, I want to reassert my absolute commitment to pastoral ministry and being available to people at their time of greatest need. The two provisos to spending Thursdays in Tywyn are that the house is available (it is let to holiday makers for something like four months of the year) and there being no other commitments in my diary. I will try to avoid making face to face commitments on a Thursday, but if it is the only time a school has space for an assembly or a family wants a funeral or the Bishop wants a meeting, it will go by the board. Experience suggests this will happen more often than not, despite my best efforts. I tried to avoid putting a number of how often we might do this because I really don’t know, and we have not hit anything like normal yet. If I had to be pressed on this, my best guess would be 6-8 times a year, and not again before Oct 14th. If this seems unacceptable to you, please tell me. We wouldn’t do it if we thought a significant number were unhappy . If that still isn’t clear, please just ask!

Welcome Service

Thank you so much to all those attended our welcome service last Monday. It was a joyous evening, and we feel very blessed to have made so many new friends so quickly. I think I can at last answer the question, have you settled in yet in the affirmative. Special thanks to those who made cakes, organised the catering, undertook cleaning or assisted in the worship. And anybody else that I’ve forgotten!

Church Café at Minsterley

The PCC at Minsterley would like to reopen the church café in the autumn. Historically, the café has been much appreciated by locals and has been important in providing an opportunity for isolated people to experience community. We believe we have a reasonable stock of volunteers, but what we don’t have is a coordinator, someone to take responsibility for the overall running of the café. This is a role that might be shared by two people potentially. If you would like to know more, please speak to Greg or one of the churchwardens at Holy Trinity.

Mitchell’s Fold

There will be an outdoor service at Mitchell’s Fold on Sunday June 27th at 6.30 p.m. This is an outdoor service on Stapeley Common led by Revd Bill Rowell on the theme of Creation and Recreation. A great chance for churches across the area to get together.


We are planning a Deanery Alpha taster over the summer for anyone who thinks they might like to take part in an Alpha course or invite a friend along, but don’t quite know what they might be letting themselves in for. Further details available from Mark Hackney at

Rise in Covid infection rate

With the significant rise in Covid cases in Minsterley this last week or so, it may be necessary to cancel some church activities and possibly even services. Please check our websites for up to date information. Meanwhile, the work of Good Neighbours will inevitably increase in getting shopping to those who are isolating etc. If anyone wishes to join this wonderful team in Pontesbury or Minsterley, please contact Rob Davies at

Dates for your diary

July 18th Tea outside church at Pontesbury at 2 pm.

Open Garden at the Magic Garden at 5 Hope Valley from 2-4

July 26th Prayer Walk for the youth of Minsterley, meeting at Holy Trinity at 6 p.m.


Greg and Fran will be on holiday from today until July 10th. Please contact your churchwardens or Revd Pam Bickley on 07887 531174 if you have an urgent need.

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