October 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

George writing, assisted by Uncle Sam and Idris:

So, what’s all this thing, ‘Fruitfulness’ about?  We remember a few months ago some of our Senior Dragons taking about it and now they are at it again.  It must be enjoyable or, at the very least, fruitful, as they seem to be getting a lot out of it.

Idris, who knows about these things (or pretends he does) says that it means how useful something is.  So, we are thinking that this ‘fruitfulness’ journey means that our Senior Dragons and their friends are thinking about how useful they are, or might be, and how they can be even more useful than they have been in the past.  It all sounds very complicated but we are sure that it must be worthwhile or they wouldn’t be doing it.

Our Senior Dragons and all their friends at the church – people called Church Wardens, PCC, Music-makers, Singers, Readers, Intercessors, Sidesmen, Coffee Makers, Washer-uppers, Communicators, Fundraisers, Congregation and someone called Uncle Tom Cobbley, all work really hard to make this place special and we notice how they all try all of the time to make this a good place to be.  They like to help those people called Clergy who tell stories and say prayers and spend all their time helping others.  We think it is really good to look out from our cupboard and to see these people trying their hardest to look after each other and to be ‘fruitful’.

We think that they are also trying to see how they can make their helpfulness, their fruitfulness, reach out further than this place, out into something called The Village and The World Beyond.

It sounds good to us and we hope that we three Little Dragons can help in our small way.

Best wishes, George,  Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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