October 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

There is something special about a teddy bear.

It is often the first gift that arrives from new grandparents to a first grandchild and often remains very special to the child for many years to come.  Our own son, now aged 58, still owns his very first teddy bear, originally white although now a ‘whiter shade of pale’.  He (the teddy bear) only possesses one eye now but, regardless of that slight infirmity, still remains precious.  Another teddy bear that resides with us was a gift from a fond Great-aunt to our second son, now aged 56.  This teddy is of a rubbery substance and, equally loved many years ago, now resides in an old linen basket which contains lots of Little Dragon props and toys which take their turn in being the special characters in Little Dragon stories.  This teddy isn’t used very often, but one is always aware of his presence due to the fact that, when one scrabbles around in the linen basket to retrieve a mouse, a spider, a cat, or any other character as required, this rubbery teddy emits a loud squeak.  When our younger son, turned over or even moved slightly in his cot even as a very small baby, we were made aware of this as the teddy squeaked loudly – better than any expensive baby alarm.

Recently, we held a Teddy Bears’ Picnic at Little Dragons.  Along came teddy bears of all shapes and sizes to join those that inhabit the Children’s Corner.  We enjoyed tiny sandwiches, teddy crisps and decorated special teddy picnic buns.  It’s always nice to share a picnic with friends and our Little Dragons picnic was no exception.

As I observe people around me I have come to the conclusion that, as we grow older, we may come in a small way to resemble teddy bears.  As we perhaps lose the slimmer contours and become a little more rounded and we muffle up in clothes perhaps more suited to warmth and comfort rather than fashion, it could be said that we take on an aspect of a cuddly teddy bear.  I just hope that we are loved as much!

If in doubt, all the more reason to do our best to love each other!

Every good wish, Val Butterworth


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