October 2016

From the Dragons’ Den

As the start of term coincided with the tenth anniversary of Little Dragons, I thought I would be clever and ally it to a tenth wedding anniversary celebration which, when I investigated via the Internet proved to be ‘Tin’.  How inspiring!  If it been a pearl, sapphire or diamond anniversary, I could have likened it to the precious jewels who attend our sessions week by week.  But, TIN! I ask you!  So this topic was immediately shelved and I had to hurriedly come up with another idea.

It is interesting to note that when one is faced with the task of – hurriedly coming up with another idea – how the mind immediately goes absolutely blank and it seems easier to go and do the ironing or clean the windows in desperation.  (Although, on consideration, it may be easier to have new windows installed rather than tackle the latter formidable task.)

So, what could I find to write about?  First session of LDs?

  • The art work – fruit bowls and lots of cut-out apples, pears, strawberries, bananas, oranges, strawberries, kiwis – several hours of cutting out had been required here;
  • Story time about the fruit that we like to eat;
  • Singing time – 5 green apples was great until the third green apple instead of accidentally falling into my hand, accidentally fell and rolled under my chair, which meant that a certain Curate’s younger child wanted to retrieve it, which he eventually did and put it into his fruit bowl before proceeding to eat it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    So, not a lot to write about that occasion except that it was great to be back and so pleasing to see known faces and two new tiny members aged five weeks and eight weeks.                                                                               Facing such difficulties, then, of trying to be inspired to write something that will catch the eye and imagination of the reader, I decided that writing an article for October’s Magazine was proving to be just too much.  So, that’s it!                                                                                            Neither am I going to do the ironing, nor clean the windows.  I think a mug of coffee and a good book are indicated.  So there!

Val Butterworth     green_dragon_s-150x150


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