October 2014

From the Dragons’ Den  – George writing (with some interference from Uncle Sam)green_dragon_s

I wonder how you, the reader, would enjoy being shut up in a basket, in a cupboard for around six weeks. That is what Sam and I have experienced for the past few weeks, it being something called ‘The School Holidays’.  No one ever bothers to explain what this means so we have simply learned through bitter experience that this happens every now and again and at such time we are unceremoniously thrust into our basket and, seemingly, forgotten.  Although, as Sam reminds me, we were taken home by one Senior Dragon, and experienced something called ‘a wash and brush up’ – not an all-together unpleasant experience involving some warm water and a merry session as we tried to gain experience as tight-tope walkers.

This was extremely difficult due to the fact that we seemed to be pegged by our ears onto a thin rope making the task of actually balancing and walking rather tricky. Hence the expression – ‘we don’t know whether we are on our head or our heels!

Anyway, we are back in situ now and are pleased to report that all the Little Dragons have reappeared from whichever basket or cupboard they have been kept in for the past few weeks. It is good to see and hear them as they play, paint, sing and generally have a great time.  It does us good to hear their happy voices although (as Sam has just reminded me) we do wish that they would get this Grand Old Duke of York person to decide whether he would be better off at the top of the hill or down at the bottom hill.  We aren’t sure what his aim was or whether he and his ten thousand men actually arrived at their destination or not.

Idris’s head has just popped into view. Sam and I don’t often agree with Idris but on this we have to agree with his when he says that “humans are funny creatures “ – but we wouldn’t like to be without them.

So, good luck to all our Little Dragons, their Carers and Senior Dragons and thanks to all human beings for keeping us entertained.

Val Butterworth


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