October 2013

October 2013                         green_dragon_s

       From the Dragon’s Den                

All back to normal now following the summer break.  All equipment was clean and tidy ready for the onslaught.  We had a Big Clean prior to the opening day and, as ever, it is amazing what you find when you delve to the bottom of the various boxes and baskets.  Much to our disappointment we have been unable to locate a black, shiny shoe belonging to one of the dolls.  All through the past months we have constantly been discovering the shoe – in the dolls’ house, in the Lego box, in the toy train box, in the garage.  Naturally, when the time arrived to replace the shoe onto its owner’s foot – it has vanished.  I think it is all part of a bigger plan to keep us alert now that so many (well, all) Senior Dragons are getting a bit long in the tooth.

The first day back is always special.  The returnees all look round with amazement when they enter but in no time at all are busy following remembered pursuits.  It is amazing to see how much Little Dragons grow during even a short break and especially during the summer break.

I remember, as a child, the first day back at school after the summer holidays.  Everything was clean and tidy.  New pencils beckoned or, as one got older, pens with shiny, new nibs.  There was always the excitement (and this was quite a long time ago) of the possibility of becoming the ink- well monitor.  I was never lucky enough for that but always seemed to get jobs that entailed tidying the library books or keeping the teacher’s cupboard tidy.  Quite a privilege I suppose and certainly good practice for keeping the Little Dragon cupboards and equipment tidy and in good order and, perhaps, a foretaste of what was to come in my career as a teacher.

In that role I well remember the feeling when standing in a clean, tidy classroom prior to the arrival of a new class.  What would the weeks ahead hold?  Would they be an easy class?  Would they be fun?   Would they learn anything?  I will never forget the feeling of terror before welcoming my very first class – 45 four-year old Reception pupils – Would I be able to teach them anything and how would I do it?

Many weeks, months and years later I, and others with me, felt exactly the same way about our first Little Dragon meeting – seven years ago.  Would anyone turn up?  How many might there be?  What would we do with them?  The rest, as they say, is history; a good history, an enjoyed and enjoyable history.  Long may it last!

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