November 2022

  From the Dragons’ Den

You may recall; the song, ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!’  This is a sentiment which applies to most of our Little Dragons.  It is rare to hear crying, dissent or disagreement among our little people as they go throughout the morning enjoying all that is on offer. We might see an occasional, very occasional, tussle over an odd toy, or over one of the rolling pins on the play dough table; but the consensus amongst our Carers, be they Mum, Grandparent, or other, is; “He/she has to learn to share!”  and any slight disagreement is quickly put aside as there is always something else to distract; and the LD is soon directed to another interest to be found; another thing of joy with which to fill the moment.

I wish that this attitude was more prevalent in society today.  It is interesting when glancing at Facebook, to see the complaints and stresses about situations; and, if there is a dull, complaining side of life to view, then one can easily find it there.  Conversely, others will write messages and news of good cheer, which are a pleasure to read and manage to distract one from any of life’s hardships that we may be encountering at a particular moment; directing one instead to a view or piece of news that brings a smile to the reader.

So, the challenge is there!  Are you looking at the dull, drab, complaining side of life – or can you train yourself to find the bright side, the positive side, which will support you when life seems tough; when it appears that Goldilocks (in this week’s story) was correct when she found everything – too hot, too cold; too hard, too soft. When she looked further, she found that everything was just right.  Here’s hoping that you can find that side of life too – the bright side!

Joy to everyone, from Val and from we three  

George     Uncle Sam  and Idris.

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