November 2016

From the Dragons’ Den

Stop Press:   Bulletin:  BIG NEWS from Little Dragons!

The Big News is – Idris has a song at last.  band

He has begged, implored, nagged, wheedled and cried for a verse in our Dragon song and, at last, he has his very own verse which he insists on singing at every opportunity. One good thing is that now he has his own part of the song, his behaviour has improved immensely because, as he has been heard to declare, he is really part of the Dragon Team now; he feels that he really belongs.

How good it is to feel that we belong – within our family, with our friends, various groups where we feel especially welcome.  Our sense of identity can be heightened in the knowledge that, even though there are times when we seek solitude, there are places and societies where we are welcomed with open arms by others with similar interests or opinions which may differ to a degree, but where our input in discussion and decision-making is valued.

It is probable that for most of us there are times when we seem to not belong.  Everyone around appears to know everyone else; they share common interests or common backgrounds and we may feel that we are on the outside, looking in. If we are lucky, someone in the ‘in’ group may notice that we are on the periphery and they may take the time to make the effort to enable us to be included. If this is the case, then we are extremely fortunate.

There may be others known to us, living near or at some distance, who are not fortunate enough to, or feel that they do not, belong to any group, club or team.  It may be their own lack of self-esteem or good fortune that puts them in such a situation.  It may be their lack of personality, good humour or even their lack of thought for others that causes their isolation.  We may feel like saying, “It’s tough, mate.  Just get on with it!”  as we continue living our own busy lives.

Yet, like Idris, they may desperately want to be one of the crowd. They may not know how or have the ability to make the big step that will help them to be included.  They may just need the helping hand, the kindly word or simply – a big smile – from one of us to make all the difference.

The big smile is especially welcoming and, as has been remarked before, it can also make one look ten years younger.  Try it!

Val Butterworth



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