November 2013

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Three visitors attended Little Dragons recently. All three attend school now but, in the past, have been regular members of Little Dragons.  Two of them belonged to our very first group, both being a month short of three years old when they attended and being the older members in our initial group of nine.  Now they are both ten years old and seem quite grown up, preparing to make the huge transition from primary school to secondary school.   Our third visitor is the younger brother of one of the girls.

It was good to see their delight as they examined the art and craft on offer, considered their size against the size and height of the toys and dressing-up clothes.

It was also most entertaining to view their input with the present crop of LDs.  They helped little ones with the sticking and assembling of black birds (crows if anyone asks – one needing a vivid imagination when working at this level).  It was noted that, following story time, when the art table was momentarily empty, the two girls were busy sorting and sticking in order to bear their own trophies home at the end.

The two girls helped at story time, taking the part of the puppeteers as the story unfolded of Crawford the Crow and his friend Cindy, whilst younger brother played his part in reminding me which songs or rhymes we were going to sing to fit in with the earlier activities.

It was a good morning both for the Little Dragons and the visitors, but also for the Senior Dragons who could view with joy a by-product of seven years’ work.

There are days when we all need, but don’t always get, some recognition as a boost for effort we have made, for energy used leaving us spent and exhausted.  This morning’s visitors helped to give those who have been with Dragons for a long time a huge lift; displaying in human terms a reward for effort made.  This was one of those times when, ‘Give me joy in my heart!’ became very meaningful.

Val Butterworth


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