Nov 2019

From the Dragons’ Den

November already, with smell of woodsmoke in the air. Where did Autumn go, where did Summer go?  The months rush by so quickly and here we are again half-way through the Autumn term and thinking ahead to Christmas.  The older members of our Little Dragons seem to have grown enormously and have already registered for primary school next year.  All the babes-in-arms have suddenly turned into crawlers and toddlers  —   and all the Senior Dragons are wondering how long their knees will hold up.

A noisy morning today: a sudden rush of little boys who all seemed to want the same fire engine! How hard it is to learn to share and take one’s turn!  It isn’t an easy task, but eventually realisation comes and ‘turn and turn about’ becomes the order of the day – hopefully!  Although one does meet adults at times who have never learned the very valuable art of sharing with others. We won’t examine this further – best to draw a veil over it rather that dig deeper.

A reminder of Harvest Celebrations in our craft today involving making scarecrows from tubes of paper plus head, arms and legs.  We had our very own scarecrow to oversee the activity and she/he/it looked to be very happy watching our little people busy about their tasks with varying levels of concentration.  

After such a busy morning I know several Senior Dragons who will be nodding off in the chair during the afternoon.  Sweet dreams!

P.S.     Best wishes, George,

   Uncle Sam 

and Idris.