Newsletter 26th August 2022

Dear friends

One thing I hadn’t properly anticipated when moving to Shropshire was quite how much time I would spend recruiting new officers. In Coventry, it averaged one new officer every 2 years. Eighteen months in Pontesbury and Stiperstones, there have been at least nine vacancies that have been filled or are still waiting to be filled i.e., one every two months! I have enjoyed the highs and lows this week alone, having received a very welcome offer to fill the vacant treasurer’s post at Minsterley, only to lose 48 hours later my wonderful treasurer at Shelve (Roma Lewis standing down at the end of the month after many years of loyal service).

Now, obviously one possible explanation for this is that I am a very difficult man to work with (surely not!) However, I suggest another possibility: that the key roles attract additional workload that does not strictly belong to a churchwarden or PCC Secretary, but somehow, they end up doing the extra jobs anyway (something about if you want a job doing, ask a busy person). This makes the job look exceptionally daunting to anyone considering taking it on. Ideally, we want younger people taking on these roles, ensuring that any additional responsibilities are shared by others and that there is a healthy churn of officers. But it’s not easy to get from here to there. I would urge you when you see jobs advertised even if it’s not you, don’t rush on but ask whether you know someone who might volunteer and failing that, do pray concertedly for us to recruit the right people.

Treasurer for Hope/Shelve

Please see above. We need a new treasurer for Shelve, ideally someone who will look after Hope as well, since the two parishes are soon to be united.

Webmaster for Pontesbury

We are looking for a webmaster to take on the responsibility from Richard Elliot. A draft job description has been produced. Please speak to Greg or directly to Richard if you would like to know more.


All our churches predate the motor car, so it is not entirely a surprise that parking causes so much tension. I would ask our members to be considerate when parking (Minsterley is especially contentious) and to ensure that neighbours are not inconvenienced and that emergency vehicles are able to pass.


St George’s is hosting a confirmation service on Sunday October 16th at 3 p.m. We will be starting preparation very soon. Do let Greg know if you would like to join us.


Please note that Greg and Fran will be on holiday from Fri Aug 26th through to Fri Sept 9th inclusive. Any questions during that period should be addressed to Pam, Richard or one of your churchwardens.

Sponsored Walk

A sponsored walk along the Shropshire Way from Church Stretton to Stokesay (approximately 15 miles) is planned for Saturday Sept 24th. Please do sponsor us generously. We have not yet had any offers of logistical support. One specific thing which would be an enormous help would be someone to take spare kit (dropped off the night before) in the boot of the car and meet us at lunchtime at the southern end of Long Mynd. This will enable people to change out of wet clothing and take on extra food and water rather than having to carry everything themselves. There will be a planning meeting for all interested parties on Monday 19th September at 6 p.m. at the Deanery

Ecumenical Service

There will be a joint service with our Congregationalist and Methodist brothers and sisters on Sunday September 11th at 6.30 p.m. at Pontesbury Congregationalist Church. The service will offer the opportunity for thanksgiving and lament following the Covid years. Please make attending this a priority. They have supported us so well when we have hosted joint services.


The Rea Valley Foodbank will officially launch on Sept 27th at Holy Trinity Ministerley, with a second session on Sept 29th at St George’s. Food can be donated at Holy Trinity, St George’s, and Hope Church, as well as in Pontesbury Coop. We are very grateful to those who have signed up to offer regular financial support, via a monthly standing order. Details of how to do this can be obtained from Jonathan Brown at

Friday Prayers

There are no Friday prayers at Holy Trinity until 2nd September

Group Service

This Sunday will be a Group Service at St George’s led by Pam and Richard and no other services in the group that day.

Calendar for the Week

Fri 26th

Choir Practice at HTM

Sun 28th

Group Service at St George’s at 10.30 a.m.

Weds 31st

Café at HTM 10-12

Fri 2nd Sept

Choir practice at St George’s

Sat 3rd Sept

Wedding at St Mary’s Habberley

Sun 4th Sept

Morning Prayer at Shelve at 9 a.m.

Holy Communion at Minsterley at 10.30am

Morning Worship at Pontesbury at 10.30 a.m.

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