Newsletter 21st January

Dear friends

It is interesting to note that one of the themes of the current news agenda is that parties are bad things. And boozey parties are apparently the worst. Apart from the occasional children’s party, I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a non-boozey party (and I speak as someone who is quite happy to switch to a cup of tea after one pint of lager). If, as even the PM appears to have accepted, Covid rules were broken by the Covid rule setters, this is a serious matter. However, the distaste expressed in much of the media for the partying is strangely reminiscent of the kind of disapproval Jesus encountered for what was effectively partying. He who criticised more stringently than anyone rulers who sought to place burdens on ordinary people that they were not prepared to carry themselves, was often, Scripture tells us, to be found wining and dining and making merry. 

There were those who insisted that this was not how religious leaders were supposed to act; and even today there are those who suggest that Jesus may have been at these parties, but he wasn’t imbibing alcohol. In light of the example we have been set by our Saviour, it’s surprising how often through the ages Christians have been more often associated with the sport of party-pooping than that of party-making. Let us strive to build a church in His image.

Introducing Richard Lonsdale

We are pleased to announce that Richard Lonsdale will be serving as curate in our group from next summer. Richard is married to Clare and has two children, Moray (aged 12) and Liv (aged 8). They will be living in the Vicarage at Minsterley from June, but Richard’s ministry will be across all parishes. There will be an opportunity to meet Richard and his family on Sunday Feb 6th when we will be hosting a group service at Minsterley at 10.30, followed by a reception at Minsterley Village Hall after the service. Please do make every effort to join us on this occasion. Instead of a group service on 30th Jan, we will have our regular first Sunday services that day. This includes Holy Communion at both Hope and Shelve at 9 a.m.

Greg Forster

The group service on Feb 6th will also provide us with an opportunity to say thank you and farewell to Greg Forster who has offered wonderful support over the interregnum and beyond but is now going to concentrate on his own parish in Church Stretton.

Growing Leaders

There are still two places available on the Growing Leaders programme. Please contact Greg if you would like to take up one of these.


Anyone who thinks they might be interested in being confirmed should speak to Greg


Rebranded since last week, the day for women advertised in the last newsletter, is now called Imagine. Maureen Ross will be leading a day for Women at Holy Trinity Minsterley on Sat March 12th. The day, which is suitable for both Christians and non-Christians, is open to all women who live in the area. Please make a note of this in your diaries. Tickets for this will be £15 and will be available from Ruth Wadsworth shortly. She may be contacted at There is an early bird rate of £12 for anyone who books before Feb 1st.

Newsletter contributions

If anyone wants to contribute a notice to this week Group newsletter, please email it to Greg by lunchtime Thursday.

Bereavement Group

Plans are now well advanced for an ecumenical bereavement group that will meet for lunch and fellowship on alternate Tuesdays, commencing on March 22nd at 12 noon at Minsterley Methodist Chapel, but serving the whole area. We have two excellent teams of volunteers but can always accommodate more if you are able to serve refreshments, chat one to one with guests or give lifts. Speak to Greg to find out more.

Calendar for the Week

Sat 22nd Group Marriage Preparation at St George’s 10-3.30

Sun 23rd Holy Communion at Holy Trinity at 10.30

Holy Communion at St George’s at 10.30

Holy Communion at St Mary’s, Habberley at 10.30

Mon 24th Youth Café at HTM at 3.30 p.m.

Tues 25th Little Dragons at St George’s

Church Council at 2 p.m. at St George’s WER

Weds 26th Minsterley Standing Ctte at 1.30

Mary Hawkes Trust at 7 p.m. in the WER

Thurs 27th Family Ministry Team for Minsterley at 3 p.m. at the Deanery

Fri 28th Choir Practices

Sat 29th Growing Leaders Away Day at Quinta

Sun 30th Holy Communion at Shelve & Hope at 9 a.m.

Holy Communion at Pontesbury & Minsterley at 10.30

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