May 2022   

From the Dragons’ Den

Here we are, into the Summer Term; this being the final few weeks for our older Little Dragons who are all ready for the excitement of starting school.  We miss them when they go, but it is interesting to see how the new crop of ‘oldies’ take on the small responsibilities that they have observed; such as helping to clear toys and equipment away at the end of the session.  They especially enjoy putting the bikes, cars and push-along toys away as that is seen as an important job. 

We haven’t yet managed to get them using the vacuum cleaner when glitter has been used and – as ever – spread itself around.  (I am reminded of a Simon and Garfunkel song: ‘Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes; a song that I remember from my tap-dancing days. Those were the days! I still have my first pair of red tap-dancing shoes which I saved up to buy from my half-a-crown a week pocket money! I wonder what they are worth now! 

I digress! I should really be thinking about which story and what art/craft we will be investigating during the next few weeks. The Three Little Pigs haven’t had an airing for quite some time – or shall we raise the Sleeping Princess from her long, long, ago sleep?  Then, there’s the story of the Lost Sheep – if I can find them in my prop cupboard.  We shall see!

From Val and from we three:        

George,    Uncle Sam  and Idris.

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