May 2020

From the Dragons Den.

George, Uncle Sam and Idris writing:   Well, here we are, all alone and pleased to note that we are looking after this place, our home, as well as we can, given that we are supposed to stay in our cupboard, in our basket!

Val did tell us that we would have to give Little Dragons a rest for a little while because something called a virus was happening in the ‘big world’, and that means that all our Little Dragons won’t be safe to come for a while.  We, and the Senior Dragons, the Carers and the little people are all very sad about this, but know that it is the sensible thing to do.

So, even though we are supposed to stay put, we have taken it upon ourselves to do our best to take care of this place, called Church, that we really love.  Each day, we pop out and about to check that things are safe.  We check the Chancel which is so peaceful and we try to scare away any bats that may be hanging around as they do make such a mess. We aren’t always successful in this task but we have noticed that sometimes the man and the women called Church Wardens and their Assistants pop in and check everything and we are hoping that they can sort out that problem.  We noticed that they check everywhere and make a note in a book to say that they have been.  We always hide when we hear them coming in as we don’t want to scare them, as although they know about us, they haven’t actually met us. Perhaps one of these days…………..!

We love to sit in the place called the Quiet area, or the Lady Chapel.  We would love to light a candle but daren’t do that as we think it wouldn’t be safe.  So we sit together and think about all the people who come to this place, our home, who like to sit quietly here, light a candle and say a few quiet words.  They must really be missing it but hope that they know that we are keeping everything safe until they are able to return.

We love this place.  It is our home and we once heard someone call it a sanctuary.  Perhaps soon, whatever it is that is troubling the world outside will sort itself and everyone will be able to come back. We we see all our Little Dragon friends again and we can all light lots of candles to show how glad we are.

Best wishes from we three:  – George,     Uncle Sam   and Idris. We know that Val would write, ‘Every good wish, Val’


The Parish Safeguarding Officer is June Cribb 07947 482066. The Diocesan Officer is Carl Steventon 07598817717

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