May 2019

From the Dragons’ Den

May is upon us already.  It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were wrapping Christmas presents up for all the Little Dragons, yet, here we are marching through Spring and towards Summer.  The weather has been changeable so that, at times, it is hard to decide which season we are actually experiencing.

However, all remains unchanging at Little Dragons.  Our tiny folk enter each week and make a dash for their favourite item of entertainment.  The play dough is always well-used and, for some unknown reason, is found to be quite tasty by some of our young members.  Mind you, after a few sample tasting sessions, none of these children will need anti-biotics for anything as they will surely have a built-in resistance to all known germs. 

The red car remains a great favourite, closely followed by a particular tricycle.  Many valuable lessons in sharing are learned as our Little Dragons take their turn on these items of transport.

The kitchen area is always popular and it is good to see the development of several promising chefs as various meals are concocted and ‘cooked’ on our cooker.  I don’t know where the cooker came from.  It was donated by a kind soul when we first started Little Dragons in 2006, and it is still in good order, although not particularly modern and looking a little faded.

Favourite songs currently are, ‘Bobbing Up and Down on a Big Blue Tractor’ and See the Slippery Crocodile’ – with many thanks to Cheryl (one of our Carers) who introduced us to both songs. But still, top of the pops is ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ – maybe because the children know that fruit and a drink closely follow.  

Possibly we all need a sense of the constant and the familiar in our lives; the certainty that some things are unchanging; the security of knowing that people, places and ‘things’ are always there and always the same. Just as we may know that some people will always be there for us, always be there to support us, always there to love us, even on a bad day.

We need also to remember also that there are those who depend on us to always be that same person, to love and care for them whatever the circumstance and however unlovely we, or they. may appear to be at times. 

Thought for the day!          “Love one another as I have loved you!” 

                                                                  With every good wish, Val Butterworth

P.S.        Best wishes, George,     Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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