May 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

George and Idris writing!  Uncle Sam is off round the church investigating his Twitter Account. He is keen to keep abreast of happenings in his Home Country and feels that by using Twitter he can keep up to date with important Americans who know things.

We have heard something very interesting!  We have heard that ‘she who must be obeyed’ is going to enjoy a flight in a glider on the 19th May.  We have heard that she received this flight as a very special birthday present for a very special birthday that she recently celebrated.  We have also heard that she is a little uncertain about this venture; a bit terrified is the word she might use.

Idris and I, and of course, Uncle Sam, think that it would be a good idea if we put out a sponsor form to celebrate this event.  We know that Val would like to support the British Heart Foundation and  St. George’s Church, so we think we will put a sponsor form in the WER and also get her to open a GoFundMe page on Facebook.

One of the very kind family members who gave Val the gift of the flight underwent successful heart surgery seven years ago and has worked really hard every since in fund-raising activities, so it would be good to make a gesture towards this worthy organisation. The local branch work ceaselessly in their support of those with heart problems.

We know that Val would also really love to donate an amount to St. George’s, a very special place in her life, where she feels blessed to meet some very special people.

Now, Idris and myself are thinking that, on the BIG DAY, we will sneak a lift up to the Longmynd in Val’s pocket.  Sam is a bit too big, but we two should be able to pull it off.  We think that she won’t notice as she will have her mind full of more important things like – ‘Will I be sick?’  ‘Will I actually return?’

So, all it needs now is for us to set up the sponsor form in the WER.  We hope that you will keep an eye out for it and feel generously disposed to enter your name and sponsor promise.  Or, if you are one of Val’s Facebook Friends, you may care to make a contribution there on her GoFundMe page.

Now, we just need to get ourselves slim and fit ready for our exciting day.

Every good wish, George & Idris.  (Uncle Sam shouts, ‘Bye!’)


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