May 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

Now, who would have expected me to be quoting from a Shakespeare Sonnet (No 18 to be precise) in a Little Dragon’s Journal entry? Certainly, not me!


The sonnet is the one that begins – ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’ and goes on to speak ofthe darling buds of May’ , which are shaken by rough winds.

For some unknown reason, this phrase sprang into my head when I was watching several Little Dragons enjoying their time with us during a recent Tuesday morning session.

Those who know these things say, (and I quote) – ‘the phrase refers to the opening buds that point toward the warm summer season ahead and to the freshness and exuberance of youth as it turns towards adult maturity.’

 Wow, and I thought that these small children and babies were simply enjoying the moment as they skipped, hopped, rode the bicycles and the famous red car, crawled hither and thither, or simply sat happily smiling in the Children’s Corner!

And yet, and yet!  Yes, indeed, they are reaching forward to growing and developing into the adults they will eventually become.

If only we could see ourselves as we were when we were very young.  Many who are reading this article will have been babies well before the time of video cameras and smart phones.  We may have photographs (some of them possibly in shades of sepia) that give an idea of how we may have appeared to the rest of our small world, but a view of ourselves as living, moving, talking beings may have to be left entirely to the imagination.

I know that other Dragon helpers feel as I do in that we enjoy a tremendous privilege as we view the growth and development of our Little Dragon friends, as we may perhaps, indeed, see them as opening buds that point toward the warm summer season ahead.  It is my dearest wish that they, and all the other youngsters in our world, will grow to live in a safe and caring world; a world without strife, envy and inhumanity.  If we are prayerful, maybe we can pray for their future world and hope for a world where peace exists, where food and water is plentiful, where health issues are dealt with; a world where people of different races and cultures live together with love and respect for their fellow humans.

I know it can happen!                   Val Butterworth








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