May 2015

From the Dragons’ Den

George writing:  Apparently Val is vanishing (or it could be varnishing?), so I am taking the opportunity to get a few ideas written down while she is busy.

Great excitement here in the Dragon cupboard; we lost Idris.  Uncle Sam and I assumed that he had gone to the lower depths of the cupboard during the Easter break as he likes to sit on the heating pipe cover and sing his favourite Welsh melodies, twanging a rubber band to give the illusion of a harp accompaniment.

However, what he had done was to sneak past the glitter pots into the second cupboard and from there into the third cupboard where we store the garage and the Little Dragon cushions.  He knows that the cushions are also used on other occasions so he used this as an opportunity to sneak out into the church in order to see what was going on.

And what a lot was going on; lots of activities concerned with something called Easter with stories, singing, candles and later, flowers. Idris said it was beautiful – very quiet at times when it felt somewhat dark and sad; then suddenly everyone was happy and all the candles were shining out.  He was most impressed.

It made us think of differences – differences between our life in the cupboard and the lives of those who live somewhere else.

Here in the cupboard there are three, sometimes four, dragons; George of England, Uncle Sam of USA, Idris of Wales and on occasion, Scooby of who knows where?  We are all different sizes, shapes and colours.  I, George, am purple, green and middle-sized; Uncle Sam is grey, silver and purple and slightly bigger; Idris is bright red and quite small; Scooby is light green and biggest of all.  So, we are all different yet all the same.  We all live together and, although we don’t always agree with each other or think that the way each one of us wants to live is the only right way, we usually manage to get along without huge problems.

The other day we heard Val telling someone about a visit she had made to the Museum of Slavery, in a place called Liverpool.  She was struck by something that she had read there – ‘To respect differences is to give freedom a chance!’ She thinks that is a good rule to live by.green_dragon_s

So, we wonder, do all the people who are called human beings get along, be they the same or different.  We hear that humans are different sizes, different shapes and different colours.  They, like us, probably want different things out of life and believe that their way of living is the right way.

We Little Dragons in our small world manage to get along, put up with each other’s differences and make the most of each day.  We hope with all our hearts that those in the bigger world can do the same.    Hmm!    Food for thought!


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