May 2014


  From the Dragons’ Den


Trees laden with blossom and new leaves bravely bursting through and the world seems a better place – a drier place following the long, wet, winter days.  As the new leaves brighten the daily view, so the bright little faces of our Little Dragons brighten and colour each of our weekly meetings.

Following the Easter break, as ever, little legs seem longer and those who were tottering along now seem to be leaping; those who were crawling are now cruising up and down, up and down, as they seek new joys in newly discovered activities.  Little fingers are more dexterous as art activities are explored and new creations  evolve.  How lucky we helpers are that we are able to observe child development at such close quarters. 

Looking back it seems that the development of our own children went by in such a flash that we missed many of the stages, possibly because we were involved in the management of bringing more than one child up and balancing that against all that goes with family life.  So it is with great pleasure that we are able to view those developments and learning in others and take time to enjoy them.

One young man this morning suddenly discovered that he could join in the singing of ‘George the Little Dragon’.  Now, his version may not have matched the official one but he sang in time with everyone else and was obviously aiming to be an X Factor winner or a participant in ‘Pontesbury’s Got Talent’.  Whatever, he thoroughly enjoyed his moment of triumph. It is when viewing such a happening that we realise life’s blessings and are left with a smiling face. 

                                                                           Val Butterworth


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