March 2021

March 2021

green_dragon  From the Dragons’ Den

I am sure that, along with me, you give a huge welcome to our new Rector, Greg, and his wife, Fran, as they join us at St. George’s.  We have been so fortunate to have Revs. Christopher, Charmain, Pam and Shirley to look after our spiritual needs but I am sure that they also must be relieved to be able to hand over the decision-making to someone else. So, it is with glad hearts that we voice our welcome.

It has been a time of growth for many of us as we have taken on tasks that are outside our experience, but the great thing is that so many have worked together to keep spirits high and to keep the Spiritual presence within our church.

Now, all we have to do is to get Covid-19 under control and then, maybe, we can start up all our usual activities.  George, Uncle Sam and Idris are already washed and ready to go, but, unfortunately, the time isn’t upon us yet.  I notice that the Pritt stick in the Dragon cupboard hasn’t weathered the experience and it has, so to speak – ‘gone-off’; and I am sure that the newly made play dough, a beautiful sunflower yellow shade, which was all ready for our session on 17th March 2020 will also have withered somewhat, but it won’t take long to make more. 

My middle name is ‘Optimism’, therefore I say, rashly, “Hope to see you soon!”

Best wishes, Val

Every good wish, from we three:

 – George green_dragon    Uncle Sam  and Idris.

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