March 2020

Little Dragons

A favourite song at Little Dragons is, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!’ We clap hands, stamp feet, nod heads, stand up – sit down, stand up and turn around’, although I must say that the last two are usually only carried out by myself, the Little Dragons, and maybe a couple of Senior Dragons.  It is noted that some Senior Dragons and most Carers remain seated – cowards!  It must be admitted that they continue to sing, which is perhaps a good idea as those of us who are leaping up and down don’t always have enough breath left to utter any sounds.

I find it interesting that, in this life (and not talking about Little Dragon sessions now), some people find joining in very hard.  They may hold back on the periphery of a group because they feel unable to join in, perhaps because they lack confidence or feel that others may accuse them of being pushy, or maybe they just don’t want to be part of a group and prefer to be watchers from the side-lines.

Whoever we are and whatever our preferences, I am certain that there is always some joy to be found in each day either alone or in a group situation, even if sometimes we have to search very hard to find it.  Yesterday, as I popped out to put the mop and bucket in the garage – yes, I do occasionally hurl a mop round the kitchen floor – I spotted a small bunch of crocuses, gleaming gold in an otherwise dull day.  The sight of them lifted my spirits and filled me with joy. A small instance but proof that joy is there if we are ready to see it. 

Each week at Little Dragons we experience joy in observing our little people going about their busy lives.  It’s not always as easy to find joy on other days – but it can be done if we try hard.

As it may have said in your School Report.  ‘Must try harder!’    Go on! You’re worth it!

Every good wish, Val

Best wishes from we three:  – George,     Uncle Sam   and Idris.


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