March 2017

From the Dragons’ Den

Little Dragons is rather like a Time Warp.  The weeks pass so quickly yet each Tuesday morning seems to be like the previous one, happening so rapidly. Always the heart is gladdened as our little people erupt through the main door, Registration and into the West End Room.  Each Little Dragon usually follows the same pattern each week, as if in-built. The pathway might go via the train set, or via the craft table, or straight to the main aisle where the ‘transport’ awaits but, invariably, each one travels the same pathway each week. This, I think, promotes stability in their lives and reminds me that the routine of ordinary life, although it may at times appear to be perhaps monotonous, or even boring, may possibly be what we all need to keep our thoughts on track, especially as we grow older and we might be feeling that existence is a bit tougher than it used to be.

I saw the first snowdrops of the year a few days ago. How they lift the spirits!  Their brave stance, so tiny, yet so proud, defying all that what is left of winter weather has to offer.  It is perhaps good to be reminded by the tiny snowdrop, the emerging daffodils, primroses and brave, bright crocus, that there is always the promise of something better when life seems to be tough.

For many people, life is tough and maybe increasingly so.  Young families, higher prices, static wages; or, many years having gone by, older people with fixed incomes, failing health, fear of loneliness or of what the future may bring.

But, here we are! It is spring! Skies are bluer! Days are longer!  The promise of days when we find it easier to get out and about, to meet people, to enjoy fun with friends.  Comparing our lot with others in the world who may be homeless, jobless, seemingly futureless – we are so lucky. Hopefully we can ally ourselves to the ‘Little Dragon’ Syndrome, where each day is a fresh start but secure in that we are with friends and in familiar situations – and we are loved!

Val Butterworth


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