June 2019

  From the Dragons’ Den

It was almost sunny the other day.  After two weeks of glorious weather, it suddenly turned cold and we all shivered in our shoes and hastily got out the jumpers and anoraks which we had hopefully stored away.  I am not a cold-weather person, feeling the cold enormously.  I remember with fondness the Jack Frost pictures on the windows when, as a child, I got out of bed in the morning.  I also remember my cold feet and hands with rather less than fondness!  I was not keen on the blue hue that shone forth.  Perhaps that is why blue is not my favourite colour – too many unwelcome memories associated with it. 

However, now it is June – June is busting out all over – or so the song from ‘Oklahoma’ reminds us.  This year there has been am explosion of blossom on the trees, a timely reminder of better days to come; a profusion of tiny flowers that sparkle into view whatever the day’s weather brings.

Sometimes, quite whimsically, we refer to young children as blossoms and we can see the reason for this when we view our little people as they wind and weave their way around during Little Dragon sessions.  They go this way and that, bending and reaching, as blossoms on the tree. Occasionally, as with the beauty on the trees, a change means that the blossom, be it flower or child, falls and is dashed to the ground.  Probably this is the end of the journey for the tree blossom but for our blossoming Little Dragon it is more often a way of learning how to manage limbs and objects that can seem unruly or obtrusive. 

Of course, as age advances, and we view with dismay the passing years, we once again become aware of limbs and objects that don’t obey the rules; that don’t bend with the wind and return to an acceptable position. Despite this we can still view the beauty in our natural world and give thanks for all the good gift around us.

                                                                  With every good wish, Val Butterworth.

P.S.        Best wishes, George, Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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