June 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

You may have seen, or heard of, the Dragon basket. This is where George, Uncle Sam and Idris live. It is their home, and thus, their private place.  Whoever is leading Little Dragons on a particular week is allowed to use the basket, is able to invite our three stalwarts to emerge and allowed to store articles appertaining to the week’s story, rhymes or songs.

Otherwise the basket remains private and Members of Little Dragons respect this.  Well, at least, older members respect this but there are occasions when a little person, who hasn’t learned the rules yet, fancies his, or her, chances of investigating the apparently exciting interior.

It is entirely possible, to tell a story, demonstrate a point, conduct singing or verse speaking, whilst holding the basket lid shut with one’s knees.  This is an art form which has to be gradually developed over time and is known to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and the sense of purpose as one takes on all-comers at any one time.

Gradually, those who would infiltrate the basket, absorb the fact that whatever they do and however hard they try, they are not going to gain access to this special place.  They eventually learn to respect that fact (well if not, hard luck!)

As with all aspects of life there are times and occasions when we also have to demonstrate respect for the privacy and the needs of others.  It isn’t always what we wish to do – there are times when we feel that we may like to know everything and have access to all areas.  However, this is not so and we need always to respect the right of others to have their private places, times and areas of life that they may not wish to share with us.  It’s hard I know as, often, we are trying to be helpful and may easily feel rejected when we feel excluded from a part of someone else’s life or unable to access facilities that are not within our remit.

As with the foraging Little Dragon – H L!                  Best wishes, Val Butterworth


The Parish Safeguarding Officer is June Cribb 07947 482066. The Diocesan Officer is Carl Steventon 07598817717

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