July 2022   

From the Dragons’ Den

What is it about a red car that is so fascinating?  I once had a bright, red, Ford Escort, which I loved.  Perhaps I particularly liked it because, as I drove through narrow lanes on my way to work, I knew that I could more easily be spotted by other drivers. 

No-one can remember where our Little Dragons’ red car came from.  It was given in the early days from an un-remembered source. It had obviously been well-used and well-loved by its previous owner(s); not sure how many miles on the clock, but even after 16 years of use, the tyres are still good and the steering remains true; and all of this without an official MOT.  Wherever it came from, it has been a joy to so many of our little people.

I always find it fascinating to note how the very young enjoy the simplest things.  The younger a child is, the more exciting the wrapping paper and containers seem to be; almost always providing exciting play for little ones. 

Likewise, the red car – simple design, just goes backwards or forwards all depending on the foot-power development of the driver.  Nothing fancy, nothing to switch on, no battery required, no password or pin number to enter.  Wonderful! 

Daily life seems to be increasingly complicated.  Perhaps a turn in the little red car is what we all need. If only it was that simple!

From Val and from we three (who occasionally get a lift in the red car):        

George, Uncle Sam and Idris.


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