July 2021

  From the Dragons’ Den

As I write, glancing through the window I see George, Uncle Sam an Idris, hanging on the washing line, enjoying a bid for freedom (except that they are held in place by clothes pegs, thus inhibiting their flight).  They, and we, are hoping that Little Dragons can meet once again, very soon, with due care for safety. 

Anti-bacterial wipes, anti-bacterial spray and a thermometer lie in wait for the hoped-for arrivals. 

All beakers, dishes, spoons are washed; first aid kit is replenished and there are sufficient glue sticks to carry out all the sticking jobs in, at least, Shropshire and maybe the West Midlands.

Some of our older Little Dragons are due to start school after the summer holiday, having missed their opportunity to be the leaders in the singing and monitors for giving out the snacks; so it will be especially good news for them if they are able to carry out these roles even if only for a week or two. 

The Little Dragon bus, is still, at the moment of writing, in need of its face-lift. Note to self – do it!  

I think that perhaps our three intrepid adventurers are ready to come in now, after their bath and their fresh-air drying.  Now they can sit safely with the teddy bears and Bob the Builder for a few days until the big decision is made!

From Val and from we three:        

George, Sam and Idris

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