July 2020

From the Dragons’ Den

At the time of writing, we have just celebrated Pentecost, which always reminds me of a time, many years ago, when, as a child, I joined in the Whitsuntide Walks which were a huge occasion in the Lancashire town where I lived as a child.

Oh, the great excitement of following the huge church banner, carried by two strong men, with ladies holding the ribbons, and we children following behind carrying baskets of flowers and arrayed in our new Whitsuntide clothes, and, if small, holding onto a rope so that we stayed in line. I loved walking in this procession especially if we had a brass band to accompany us.

Now, how does this associate in my mind with Little Dragons? 

One of the favourite activities for many of our little ones (and some of our Leaders) is to have the musical instruments out, to sing and play with fervour and, if I am feeling full of energy and bonhomie, to march up and down the large aisle, singing and playing, making a huge noise which to an outsider might seem like Bedlam (not far off) especially if the song is ‘The Grand Old Duke of York!’ sung lustily and loudly with all the instruments being wielded, for want of a better word, with much skill and enjoyment by these little people who obviously think that this is much more fun than sitting quietly listening to a story.

If you, like me, have to walk or move in time to any music that is within hearing, then you will have an inkling of why, wherever I am, there is music issuing forth either in song or humming. It is what motivates me in much of what I do and achieve and keeps me going if things are tough.  As you may imagine I have indulged in a lot of solo singing during past weeks during the period of lockdown.

Every good wish, Val – and George, Uncle Sam and Idris! x

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