July 2019

  From the Dragons’ Den

George & Idris Reporting: Oh, we had a great time a few days ago.  Once again, we managed a trip in Val’s bag.  We didn’t know where she was going or what she was going to do, but we heard her laughing with Senior Dragon, Marion, and we could tell they were going to have some fun, so we decided to tag along.  Uncle Sam was having a little sleep so we didn’t bother to waken him, although we knew he would be rather cross when he found out.

We aren’t sure where we went with Val and Marion but we travelled in a thing called a car.  We called somewhere and another person, called Jo, climbed in.  She didn’t notice us as we sat well down inside the bag.

When we arrived where we were going, Val and Marion put some big black things called wellingtons on and followed the Jo lady into a dark building.  Then they walked out at the other end and, there we were somewhere very green.  We know what green is because we used to have another dragon, called Scooby, who was green.  He was very noisy and used to sing a song, called, ‘Wild Thing!’ so he wasn’t allowed to stay at Little Dragons because he used to sing very loudly during Storytime.

Well, this green place had two things called ‘horses’ in it.  They were busy eating the green grass but when they saw Jo and our Dragon ladies, they came over to us. They were called Star and Emmie and they were very, very big.   Marion and Val did a lot of giggling as they put some straps on Star and Emmy’s heads and showed them the way to walk, back into the big, dark building.

They put Star and Emmy into two little rooms that had lots of strawy stuff on the floor and then the Jo lady got something called a syringe and first she put it into Emmy’s mouth. Val and Marion had to keep hold of Emmy because she didn’t like the syringe. She tossed her head high up into the air just like Uncle Sam does when he is cross, and our two Big Dragons had to really hold on or else they would have flown up into the air.  There was a lot of noise because they were laughing so much.  Next, Jo put the syringe into Star’s mouth.  Marion and Val held on to her straps tightly although she was much calmer than Emmy and didn’t make a fuss.

I’ll tell you what, we almost fell out of Val’s bag because we were laughing so much.  We imagined our Senior Dragons flying through the air.  We had a great time.  Perhaps, if we are very, very good, we will be able to go again because we have heard that they are going again to work with Star and Emmy.  Great fun! 

P.S.        Best wishes, George,      and Idris.


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