July 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

One of our Little Dragons is really keen to demonstrate her prowess at performing a cartwheel and I have promised that at the first opportunity, when the grass in the churchyard is absolutely dry, we will let her show her skill.  ‘Can you do a cartwheel?’ she asked. Oh, to go back thirty years or so, the answer would have been, ‘Yes!’  Best to give no answer at all at present, just give an enigmatic smile (perhaps being mistaken for the Mona Lisa in human form!).

I wonder how many of you can remember managing your first cartwheel, handstand or, excitingly, your first dive-forward roll!  My Dad, who was a teacher, used to run an after-school vaulting club and I, at the age of about eight, used to go along weekly and enjoy several flights through the air as I hurled myself onto the springboard, up into the air in my interpretation of ‘The Flying Angel’, supported by the dependable and strong arms of my Dad.  Wonderful and never to be forgotten.

In the mind I can still feel the joy of running, leaping, hurdling, diving, swimming, trampolining and indulging in many sporting activities. Unfortunately, in the mind is where they will have to remain.  Suffice to say that there is much pleasure to be had in simply walking from here to there, viewing the wonderful world around and sharing the joy of our Little Dragon when she performs her gymnastic feat.

Best wishes, Val Butterworth

P.S.  She did it – rather more of a roll than a wheel, but she did it!     






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