July 2015

green_dragon_sFrom the Dragons’ Den

Surprise! Surprise!  An exciting moment at Little Dragons’ story time when the basket was opened. Inside was a gift-wrapped parcel. Who could have put it there?  What did it contain? If it was indeed a gift, then for whom was it intended?

George and Uncle Sam were unusually quiet so perhaps they were as surprised as everyone else.  A little mouse, a small teddy bear and a tiny monkey who happened to be in the basket were also, apparently, completely surprised. Each one was asked if they had placed the parcel in the basket but the answer each time was a definite, “No!”

So, to the unwrapping. Two strands of glittery ribbon were removed, followed by the brightly patterned wrapping paper.  Oh, the frustration on seeing that this revealed another layer of paper; tissue paper this time – bright red, being removed to reveal more tissue paper – white with black paw prints.  Was this a clue?  White tissue removed to reveal a red box tied with more shiny ribbon.  Ribbon removed – box opened – to reveal an object with orange tissue wrapping, followed by yellow tissue, followed by – oh the ecstasy – a jar containing chocolate buttons and a card which read:  “To all the Little Dragons from George and Uncle Sam.”

What a lovely surprise and how those chocolate buttons were enjoyed by all Little Dragons (3 each), their Carers (only 1 each I am afraid) and Big Dragons (only 1).

Sometimes it feels that each day is like a surprise parcel.  On rising we don’t usually have any idea of what exactly the day will bring.  We may have definite plans and a structured timetable for the said day but it doesn’t always work out that way.  We peel off each layer of the day, at times liking what we find but at others discovering things that rock our equilibrium when things don’t work out quite as we had anticipated.

However, it sometimes happens that the unexpected turns that the day can spring upon us can offer a bonus to our everyday lives.  If we grasp the moment – seize the day –  utilise each moment – enjoy the adventure – live each moment to the full – be full of courage, we can bring back into our lives the awe and wonder that Little Dragons exhibit and, who knows, we might be able to spread some of the excitement and enjoyment with others in our orbit.   Exhausting maybe, but fantastic!  Try it!                                                  Val Butterworth


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