July 2014


  From the Dragons’ Den


Eight years of Little Dragons and we don’t look a day older than when we began! (I wish.) 

I look back to childhood when days, especially days in the long summer holidays, were endless.  My sister and I went out of the house after an early breakfast and only returned when we were hungry or it rained.  However, if my memory serves me correctly, it rarely rained during the long summer break.  Of course, one could say, that as the clock ticks on and one’s age becomes frighteningly high, the memory is perhaps cushioned and blurred around the edges.

Summer days, or even winter days for that matter, don’t seem to be as long as they did in those good old days.  In fact, it would seem that years are shorter than they used to be and appear to be galloping by at intense speed.  Perhaps others feel the same way.

This brings me to a point of concern.  When Little Dragons commenced in 2006, eight brave souls took on the task of providing a ‘Group for Under Fives and their Carers.  As the years have passed some of the original members of Senior Dragons have retired; others have taken their place and we currently have six Senior Dragons with four of the original team remaining.  The concern is that the ages of our leaders range from 68 – 78 and some of us are less nimble than we used to be. Days continue to gallop at great speed and few are the days when we are able to take the jumps, being safer on the flat.

At present we entertain around twenty-five Little Dragons – sometimes more, sometimes less.  We all enjoy the time spent together and there isn’t ever a day when we say, ‘Oh, I wish I didn’t have to go today!’  It is a real privilege to join with our lovely toddlers and their equally lovely carers.  The big question is – how long are we able to continue?

Some younger Senior Dragons would perhaps ensure that Little Dragons will continue for many years to come and perhaps the current team won’t (in the words of the Rolling Stones) just ‘fade away’.

                                                                           Val Butterworth


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