January 2019

From the Dragons’ Den

A New Year! New thoughts, new hopes, new dreams for many of us.  For others, though, it is possibly the same old same; no change, one dull day following another!

However: – a time for new ideas, new resolutions, new promises both to oneself and to others.

How does the song go?    ‘It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good!’

New term for Little Dragons.  New babies! One or two new toys! Best of all, new play dough – a better colour this term following the disgusting pink that appeared when I made last term’s play dough. Honestly, I put lots of crimson colouring in the mix of flour, oil and cream of tartar.  I certainly did not expect the ghastly pink hue that was taken on by the dough.  Mind you, the little people didn’t seem to mind about the shade and, for one Little Dragon, who obviously loves the taste, it seemed to be an excellent accident of blending.

When one considers the mix of life’s hues in people you meet, there are many shades of, happiness, sorrow, uncertainty, ebullience, joy, misery; a huge mix of very different people, with different temperaments which all mix together and combine into the human condition.  At Little Dragons we see the whole range and sometimes wonder what will be the adult outcome in these little personalities that we see before us – learning to play together, learning (one hopes) to share, learning to sit quietly (sometimes) during the story, and so it goes on.

If we were able to really see back into our past selves, would we recognise the people we have become.  Did we manage to fulfil our dreams; did we achieve all that we wished? Or, are we happy simply to be the people we have become, to be thankful for the many good things in our lives and for the people who share our lives with us?

A New year thought!  How good to resolve simply to look for the best in those who we meet. Not always easy as we are sometimes quick to judge. However, looking for the best, and finding it, could put smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.  Not a bad idea!!!

Best wishes, Val Butterworth

P.S.        Best wishes, George,  Uncle Sam  and Idris.


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