January 2018

January 2018

From the Dragons’ Den

George writing as Val recovers from the excesses of Christmas.

Happy New Year to everyone from George, Uncle Sam and Idris. We are allowing Idris to share our greetings as he has been much better behaved and much more reliable of late. He still breaks out of the basket now and again and goes off adventuring around the church, but sometimes asks us to join him, so we think he is perhaps developing a sense of sharing and enjoying things together. It is possible that he has observed some of our Little Dragons learning to share toys and play together. It is certainly much easier when he is co-operative and willing to share. Also, as he has some great ideas for getting up to mischief, he can be quite good fun to accompany as he leaps out of the basket and hurls himself into fun activities.

During the Christmas Break he took us to look at the church windows; those that have beautiful coloured glass in and the plain ones that have the names of people written on them. We are really pleased that we could read the names on the plain ones and we knew some of them. It made us feel that we belong to a great big family.

A little while ago some of our Senior Dragons came to some meetings called, ‘Fruitfulness on the Front Line’ which they said they had really enjoyed. Other people who come to the church on the special day called Sunday joined in as well and we have learned some of their names. We think they belong to St. George’s Family as well and it makes us really happy to know that we all belong together and care about each other.

Time to finish now as Idris has a plan under his wing for a great adventure – to do with something he calls ‘swimming’ and ‘diving in the font’ – whatever that may be. Here goes!

Every good wish, George


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