January 2016

From the Dragons’ Den 11-03

Another New Year and we are still here – I think – I hope! Life changes so quickly; the world changes so quickly; that one wonders at times where we will be from one day to the next.

I wonder how many of you have, at some time, learned to play the piano. If you have, part of your repertoire at least once and maybe many times, will have been, ‘Joy to the World’. I have massacred so many versions of this piece from absolute beginner through various stages and to the not very lofty heights of Grade 3. While the piece could seem hackneyed when it has been such a constant companion, the concept of JOY never seems thus. So, what is joy? It, no doubt, means different things to each one of us. We probably don’t even give it a thought until, at an unexpected moment, we are suffused with the emotion at a happening or when a memory from the distant past fills our thoughts and our whole being.

We at Little Dragons have a regular example of joy. Two little girls who, with their Mums, usually arrive within minutes of one another always follow the same pattern on arrival. They enter with beaming faces, hurry to place coats and bags in the vestry, before skipping or running down the main aisle, with shouts of delight. They then leap onto the chancel step – pause to look around – faces alight with joy, before skipping back down the aisle to join in the day’s art activity. To witness this entry fills the watcher with matching joy and certainly makes one feel that the thought, effort and use of energy which is a part of being a Big Dragon is more than worth it.

It is so easy as we get older to become dogged by worries concerning health and well-being, what the future might hold, how we will cope with seemingly increasing pressures. Thus engaged we can easily lose the sense of joy which has buoyed us in past times.

The cure for this is perhaps to come and share a Little Dragon session now and again. The only pre-requisite for attending is the capacity to smile and to manage the words of, say, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep and The Grand Old Duke of York. There is no financial outlay and we guarantee a good dose of JOY.

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