January 2015

From the Dragons’ Den

A new term at Little Dragons – and how delightful it makes one feel to see the shining, happy little faces of our little troupe as they stick and paint, mould the play dough, ride the bikes and cars, dress the dolls and contemplate the never-diminishing pile of ironing.

For us – a new year, a new start, new experiences to come, new hopes………. and we may use this as an opportunity to take a deep breath, ‘pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again’. 

Looking back over recent months we may have noted, either with pleasure or otherwise, dates to be celebrated.  We are used to celebrating Christmas both as a religious and a secular feast; Easter as a time of hope and new beginnings; other feast days appertaining to our Christian faith; or, depending on our knowledge, relationships and tolerance, celebrating special days in the faiths of others within our orbit.

Or we can view with dismay new (to us) phenomena such as ‘Black Friday, Cyber Monday to name a couple. It is then that we may feel a sense of despair at the way in which our world is developing and wonder where and when it all began to change.

It is also at such times that we can enjoy and savour the innocence of our Little Dragons, of our Friday Club children and of others who still display the innocence of childhood; hopefully also sharing in the joy of those who, despite advancing years and experience of troubles in life, still retain joy in life as do the young – those who remain young at heart, whatever life throws at them.

We choose! So, where are you?

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