January 2014

       From the Dragon’s Den      


                 HAPPY NEW YEAR from all at Little Dragons

So, here we are again – a New Year with its new resolutions, new hopes and dreams!

New term at Little Dragons and we are ready to enjoy the moment with George, Sam, Idris (if he is behaving himself), all our little people and their carers.

I wonder how many people actually make – and then keep – the resolutions they make.  I remember an occasion when I vowed, resolved, determined to always be good.  This probably followed a time of altercation with my Mum or big sister; not something that happened often but if it did I was sure to want ever to be good. I found living with disapproval really difficult. (So, does anything change?)

I rarely felt this sense of disapproval from my Dad, probably because we were very alike and could always see, or determine, a sensible outcome following any happening.

Realisation dawned eventually that being good constantly is probably unattainable and, no doubt, unrealistic.  When we think we are living our lives in a good way and trying to please all, there is probably someone who we are unconsciously offending or hurting in some way.

Perhaps then a mantra which I have developed over the years might be a more realistic way of life to aim at.  ‘Be calm, be serene and above all be kind!’  No names mentioned here, but one member of our congregation has been heard to utter, ‘I can do the first two – but the third one isn’t so easy!’

Absolutely true but at least we can try.  If we make no other good resolutions let us try to be kind(er) to one another and more accepting of our differences, whether they be differences of faith or just different ways of simply living.

Happy New Year to all who read this – and may your dreams come true!

                                                                                                         Val Butterworth


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