In the Upper Zoom

From Carolyn Lewis:

For those who are not aware, Zoom is a video chatting app, that lets whole groups gather and exchange views. The use of it has increased tremendously while families and work colleagues are living in enforced separation, and lets you see folk as well as hold conversations.

Theoretically it is a brilliant idea, but in reality it has faults caused by poor Internet connections, people who can’t work out how to use it properly, and just the plain fact that it is technology.

If it had been around in Our Lord’s time, and social isolation had been brought in, one wit on Facebook produced the picture below, which simulates its use. Then, for everyone’s amusement, I have included one of the “Give it a caption” responses, which had me (because I have used Zoom) in stitches.

Jesus: Amen, I say, one of you shall betray me
Peter: Is it me, Lord?
Jesus: No, Peter.
John & James the lesser, simultaneously: “Is it— Is it— oh, sorry— me? What? Sorry, you go— no, I’m sorry. What? Ok— is it me—?
Jesus: Guys— guys! It’s neither of you!
James the Greater: …..
Bartholomew: James, you’re on mute.
Jesus: James, we can’t hear you. You’re muted.
Nathaniel: Lord, you’re the host, you can unmute James.
Jesus: Verily, I am the Lord of Hosts, thou hast said it.
Nathaniel: James, you can unmute yourself
Peter: None but the Lord can make the mute speak!
Judas: sorry, guys, I was frozen. What’d I miss?

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