Going Forward

Our Vision
With your support, we want St. George’s to be the focal point for all the mission and ministry opportunities in our area – a place that is open to all, giving a warm and friendly welcome, a place to meet others and be inspired by sincere, engaging and challenging worship, a place of learning and sharing, of healing and caring, of peace and reflection, of fun and fellowship… and a place where God can find us waiting to serve and to be served.

  • Making this happen
    We plan to build on the work of our Children and Families Ministry and focus our efforts on particular groups. These will include organising informal outreach worship, spending more time in the community, in our local schools and with young people and young families.
    By working hard, with your support and guided and helped by God, we will make best of what we already have achieved at St. George’s – and take God’s word into our community to meet the needs of young and old, whether or not they already worship with us.